Church History 101: Standing for Christ in a Hostile Culture

Mar 25, 2023    Adam Calabrese, Anne Lowery

“The blood of the martyr’s is the seed of the Church.”

- Tertullian. (155 - 220 AD)

When we look back upon Church history we quickly realize that our experience in the American Church is quite unique as we have only known peace and prosperity. For the most part, those faithful to Christ that have gone before us experienced great hardship and lived in obscurity living out what Hebrews 11:38 states, “Of whom the world was not worthy, wandering in deserts and mountains and caves, and holes of the earth.” The hardship they encountered was a direct result of their faith in Christ and their unwillingness to submit to the demands of the pagan culture they lived in.

Today, as we live out our faith in a culture that is growing increasingly hostile to the Word of God, we have the mandate to stand boldly for truth. There is so much we can learn from those that have gone before us and for this Civics and Culture class we will be doing just that. 

Please join us on Sunday evening, March 26th as we venture into Church History to study the life, faith and boldness of two heroes of the faith - Polycarp and Perpetua.