3 Year Bible Reading Plan

We're reading God's word regularly to know Him intimately.

"We're not shooting for every day perfection, we're shooting for patterns of consistency in our time in God's word." - Pastor Frank

Matthew 271-Aug-18
Matthew 282-Aug-18
Psalm 7-93-Aug-18
Proverbs 64-Aug-18
Proverbs 75-Aug-18
Leviticus 16-Aug-18
Leviticus 27-Aug-18
Leviticus 38-Aug-18
Leviticus 49-Aug-18
Leviticus 510-Aug-18
Leviticus 611-Aug-18
Leviticus 712-Aug-18
Leviticus 813-Aug-18
Leviticus 914-Aug-18
Leviticus 1015-Aug-18
Leviticus 1116-Aug-18
Leviticus 1217-Aug-18
Leviticus 1318-Aug-18
Leviticus 1419-Aug-18
Leviticus 1520-Aug-18
Leviticus 1621-Aug-18
Leviticus 1722-Aug-18
Leviticus 1823-Aug-18
Leviticus 1924-Aug-18
Leviticus 2025-Aug-18
Leviticus 2126-Aug-18
Leviticus 2227-Aug-18
Leviticus 2328-Aug-18
Leviticus 2429-Aug-18
Leviticus 2530-Aug-18
Leviticus 2631-Aug-18
Leviticus 271-Sep-18
Psalm 10-112-Sep-18
Psalm 12-133-Sep-18
Psalm 14-154-Sep-18
Proverbs 8-95-Sep-18
Proverbs 106-Sep-18
Numbers 17-Sep-18
Numbers 28-Sep-18
Numbers 39-Sep-18
Numbers 410-Sep-18
Numbers 511-Sep-18
Numbers 612-Sep-18
Numbers 713-Sep-18
Numbers 814-Sep-18
Numbers 915-Sep-18
Numbers 1016-Sep-18
Numbers 1117-Sep-18
Numbers 1218-Sep-18
Numbers 1319-Sep-18
Numbers 1420-Sep-18
Numbers 1521-Sep-18
Numbers 1622-Sep-18
Numbers 1723-Sep-18
Numbers 1824-Sep-18
Numbers 1925-Sep-18
Numbers 2026-Sep-18
Numbers 2127-Sep-18
Numbers 2228-Sep-18
Numbers 2329-Sep-18
Numbers 2430-Sep-18