3 Year Bible Reading Plan

We're reading God's word regularly to know Him intimately.

"We're not shooting for every day perfection, we're shooting for patterns of consistency in our time in God's word." - Pastor Frank

Numbers 1420-Sep-18
Numbers 1521-Sep-18
Numbers 1622-Sep-18
Numbers 1723-Sep-18
Numbers 1824-Sep-18
Numbers 1925-Sep-18
Numbers 2026-Sep-18
Numbers 2127-Sep-18
Numbers 2228-Sep-18
Numbers 2329-Sep-18
Numbers 2430-Sep-18
Numbers 251-Oct-18
Numbers 262-Oct-18
Numbers 273-Oct-18
Numbers 284-Oct-18
Numbers 295-Oct-18
Numbers 306-Oct-18
Numbers 317-Oct-18
Numbers 328-Oct-18
Numbers 339-Oct-18
Numbers 3410-Oct-18
Numbers 3511-Oct-18
Nunbers 3612-Oct-18
Hebrews 113-Oct-18
Hebrews 214-Oct-18
Hebrews 315-Oct-18
Hebrews 416-Oct-18
Hebrews 517-Oct-18
Hebrews 618-Oct-18
Hebrews 719-Oct-18
Hebrews 820-Oct-18
Hebrews 921-Oct-18
Hebrews 1022-Oct-18
Hebrews 1123-Oct-18
Hebrews 1224-Oct-18
Hebrews 1325-Oct-18
Deuteronomy 126-Oct-18
Deuteronomy 227-Oct-18
Deuteronomy 328-Oct-18
Deuteronomy 429-Oct-18
Deuteronomy 530-Oct-18
Deuteronomy 631-Oct-18
Deuteronomy 71-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 82-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 93-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 104-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 115-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 126-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 137-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 148-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 159-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 1610-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 1711-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 1812-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 1913-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 2014-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 2115-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 2216-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 2317-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 2418-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 2519-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 2620-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 2721-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 2822-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 2923-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 3024-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 3125-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 3226-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 3327-Nov-18
Deuteronomy 3428-Nov-18
John 230-Nov-18