Serve at Calvary

Many hands make light work.

When we gather together each weekend for services there are numerous ways to serve the body.  Simply click the button below to launch the informational form to get started serving your church.

I am New and I want to serve…

Step 1:  CLICK HERE to create a profile & pick a time to serve.  See the “Sign Up Now” link below the login box.

Step 2:  CLICK HERE to complete the background check before your first time serving (in calvaryKIDS).

I have served in the past and I want to serve again…

Please email us at

Beth's Serve Story

“It’s more than just coming to a service, singing songs, and hearing a message. The Holy Spirit is moving here and so to serve is to be a part of that.”

Joe's Serve Story

“To work with children, to be able to hold the doors open for people, to be able to do coffee with excellence. That’s a privilege – because you’re doing it for the living God!”