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Request Title# PrayersDate 
Child illness012-01-2015View Details
PREGATE CHE STIA BENE AI PIEDI 011-30-2015View Details
Finances, job, church, marriage, weight loss011-27-2015View Details
God's protection for Adult Child with type 1 diabetes011-26-2015View Details
Prayer for substance abuse111-16-2015View Details
Miracles111-13-2015View Details
Pray for Steve111-11-2015View Details
My son111-10-2015View Details
For Guidance011-08-2015View Details
relationship/job011-06-2015View Details
Perseverance 211-03-2015View Details
Wife110-31-2015View Details
mother210-31-2015View Details
Salvation010-29-2015View Details
Holly's salvation010-28-2015View Details
urgent petition010-28-2015View Details
Moving010-26-2015View Details
Daughter010-26-2015View Details
Job search 110-26-2015View Details
warfare010-25-2015View Details
Heart issues and high BP010-20-2015View Details
Family In Need010-19-2015View Details
Surgery110-19-2015View Details
Salvation110-18-2015View Details
warfare010-17-2015View Details
prayer010-16-2015View Details
Father heal me210-16-2015View Details
Physical Healing410-14-2015View Details
Prayer for Healing210-13-2015View Details
urgent miracle110-11-2015View Details
Holly's salvation110-11-2015View Details
Future, work, and friend110-11-2015View Details
Employement010-08-2015View Details
Father heal us210-08-2015View Details
Barbara and Ward's Marriage110-07-2015View Details
Salvation for Sons110-05-2015View Details
Father with Prostate Cancer010-05-2015View Details
Daughter In Unhealthy Relationship - Needs God010-05-2015View Details
Step daughter Keara009-30-2015View Details
Holly's salvation009-28-2015View Details
Bronchiolitis009-22-2015View Details
Jobs009-21-2015View Details
God's will and his protection.009-21-2015View Details
Wife 009-20-2015View Details
Physical healing 209-17-2015View Details
court tomorrow to get my kids from dad109-16-2015View Details
Moving109-14-2015View Details
Holly's salvation209-14-2015View Details
spiritual109-08-2015View Details
Prayer209-03-2015View Details
Holly's salvation308-22-2015View Details
Daughter Brooke408-16-2015View Details
Friend MJ Breast Cancer308-16-2015View Details
Financial stability208-16-2015View Details
Safety and protection 108-15-2015View Details
Spiritual battle208-13-2015View Details
Holly's salvation108-12-2015View Details
Salvation/Healing208-09-2015View Details
Wife208-05-2015View Details
Please pray for Bob and Shari Faganel108-05-2015View Details
Husband Health 108-03-2015View Details
Family 008-02-2015View Details
Alan von Gremp108-02-2015View Details
my son108-02-2015View Details
Father heal me407-28-2015View Details
Recovery/healing107-24-2015View Details
Prayer for my great nephew007-23-2015View Details
urgent 007-23-2015View Details
Sick husband. Please send prayers207-22-2015View Details
Baby is drooling excessively 007-21-2015View Details
Surgery for mom107-20-2015View Details
Ear Surgery107-20-2015View Details
Marriage107-16-2015View Details
Salvation307-12-2015View Details
Prayer for Calvery Chapel Northern Valley107-05-2015View Details
My marriage. 407-04-2015View Details
Speedy recovery306-30-2015View Details
Medical issues306-30-2015View Details
My finances106-30-2015View Details
Cancer tests 106-27-2015View Details
Lord Im crying out to You, please hear me and have mercy206-24-2015View Details
Prayer for Peace and Comfort206-24-2015View Details
for sarah and cody106-22-2015View Details
Healing106-18-2015View Details
Left Ear Healing106-15-2015View Details
My marriage. 106-13-2015View Details
prayer request306-13-2015View Details
Healing106-11-2015View Details
Gods Will be done106-09-2015View Details
Breakthrough Job Blessing206-06-2015View Details
Broken406-04-2015View Details
Guidance and Spiritual Wisdom206-01-2015View Details
Prayer for Lacey305-29-2015View Details
Urgent Intercessory Prayer Request505-24-2015View Details
Healing305-24-2015View Details
unity in family305-23-2015View Details
Health205-21-2015View Details
No joy205-19-2015View Details
Surgery for my son205-18-2015View Details
Need comfort205-17-2015View Details
Change105-17-2015View Details
Baby is sick 105-16-2015View Details
Healing105-14-2015View Details
Family and marriage205-14-2015View Details
Reeves family105-12-2015View Details
Bone Marrow Transplant Denied105-12-2015View Details
Prayer Request105-11-2015View Details
Baby not sleeping 205-11-2015View Details
Dislocated knees and multiple torn ligaments305-10-2015View Details
East Lake Project105-07-2015View Details
Father help me105-07-2015View Details
Prayer for Juan005-06-2015View Details
little boy fever105-01-2015View Details
Please Pray Soon I Find New Home Near Public Transportation In S104-23-2015View Details
Milk feeding 104-23-2015View Details
Salvation104-23-2015View Details
Praise God!104-19-2015View Details
I need help to figure out a legal issue004-16-2015View Details
2 Prayer Request104-15-2015View Details
Prayer for Homosexual Thought Life304-13-2015View Details
Logan Polk...104-09-2015View Details
Student with cancer104-07-2015View Details
Prayer for Pastor204-03-2015View Details
Letting God Steer The Ship104-02-2015View Details
Letting Go104-02-2015View Details
Freedom from Self-Condemnation103-30-2015View Details
New born baby boy jaundice cure103-25-2015View Details
Prayer for Friend who has cancer203-20-2015View Details
Safe cesarean delivary403-15-2015View Details
Personal struggle and concern for a brother603-07-2015View Details
PEACE AND GUIDANCE403-07-2015View Details
God's Favor303-06-2015View Details
Please pray for our service to the God103-06-2015View Details
Miracles for touch and open heart103-05-2015View Details
Miracles for touch and open heart303-04-2015View Details
daughters403-01-2015View Details
Unborn Twins402-27-2015View Details
Gloria202-25-2015View Details
need help please302-24-2015View Details
healing and strength302-21-2015View Details
for God's divine protection 302-21-2015View Details
Sister202-20-2015View Details
Daughter 202-20-2015View Details
Prayers for Dana202-18-2015View Details
Prayer for family302-17-2015View Details
Need for prayer202-14-2015View Details
Daughters and Jobs 202-13-2015View Details
Addiction502-13-2015View Details
Health302-13-2015View Details
Homeless302-13-2015View Details
Wisdom102-13-2015View Details
Faith202-04-2015View Details
Husband's Job201-30-2015View Details
Need Jesus 201-30-2015View Details
Move to LA101-29-2015View Details
Family Health101-29-2015View Details
Praise!101-29-2015View Details
Family Decisions101-29-2015View Details
Brother201-29-2015View Details
Stroke101-29-2015View Details
Father help me301-28-2015View Details
Prayer for healing.301-21-2015View Details
Migraines, Depression, loneliness, fibromyalgia, no earned incom501-19-2015View Details
Healing301-19-2015View Details
Help asap301-19-2015View Details
protection101-16-2015View Details
protection301-16-2015View Details
Protect my job501-15-2015View Details
Broken Family301-14-2015View Details
Favor and Blessing501-10-2015View Details
in need...601-06-2015View Details
urgent request for healing prayers701-06-2015View Details
Searching for Peace501-05-2015View Details
Friend's Family501-03-2015View Details
Salvation201-02-2015View Details
Divorce712-31-2014View Details
Prayer for my Son712-29-2014View Details
Prayer for Miraculous Healing of a Friend412-28-2014View Details
Need a miracle212-28-2014View Details
Alcoholic412-25-2014View Details
Friend112-25-2014View Details
Complete Surrender312-21-2014View Details
Demonic Oppression412-16-2014View Details
mercy112-14-2014View Details
Separated Wife212-14-2014View Details
Sister marriage112-11-2014View Details
Everett Freeman has Cancer910-22-2014View Details
Everett Freeman has Cancer110-22-2014View Details
Everett Freeman has Cancer010-22-2014View Details
Schhol Teacher suffers Massive Heart Attack310-21-2014View Details
Adult Daughters on the Road to Hell910-20-2014View Details
missing granddaughter410-20-2014View Details
Marriage210-19-2014View Details
Husband job stability110-19-2014View Details
Safe progeny 110-19-2014View Details
Peace210-14-2014View Details
Family210-13-2014View Details
sin310-12-2014View Details
pregnancy410-11-2014View Details
Coach Outlet
010-09-2014View Details
Pray for Carolyn Bridges110-03-2014View Details
Pray for Carolyn Bridges210-03-2014View Details
Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet010-03-2014View Details
Prayer for Husband's Salvation410-01-2014View Details
need favor309-30-2014View Details
Healing of cancer909-28-2014View Details
Family in Need of God's Direction and Will609-26-2014View Details
Prayer for my friends409-25-2014View Details
Salvation409-23-2014View Details
Faith309-21-2014View Details
Marriage Miracle509-21-2014View Details
Mission Trip to Gr├╝nstadt, Germany109-16-2014View Details
medical mission trip309-11-2014View Details
prayer request009-11-2014View Details
Please pray for PEACE!!! URGENT!!!!509-10-2014View Details
General prayer requests309-08-2014View Details
For all occassions109-08-2014View Details
For all occassions009-08-2014View Details
For all occassions009-08-2014View Details
I need help109-05-2014View Details
New Born not responding108-31-2014View Details
Update on my grandfather's surgery208-26-2014View Details
Grandfather's heart surgery208-20-2014View Details
marriage608-19-2014View Details
Prayer for husband & family508-18-2014View Details
Family relationships308-18-2014View Details
Healing608-16-2014View Details
Healing208-16-2014View Details
husband deliverance and restoration808-13-2014View Details
Husband having back surgery408-13-2014View Details
Coworker's Dad in critical condition following surgery...408-13-2014View Details
Help Me to get closer to you/ My Dad 408-10-2014View Details
Calvary in Provo508-10-2014View Details
Finantial608-08-2014View Details
Sick friend508-08-2014View Details
Financial struggles408-07-2014View Details
find good job quickly , miracles in finances , find wife408-07-2014View Details
new job508-05-2014View Details
Need deep healing408-05-2014View Details
83-year-old getting a mastectomy408-02-2014View Details
BREAKTHRUS N MIRACLES407-31-2014View Details
Pregnancy407-31-2014View Details
Transgender brother with wife and 2 kids707-30-2014View Details
Strength and guidance307-28-2014View Details
Dual prayer: for my wisdom and to always perfom the will of God207-28-2014View Details
My Dad507-21-2014View Details
for husband407-20-2014View Details
total deliverance707-19-2014View Details
birthday dinner307-18-2014View Details
Leukemia 707-12-2014View Details
fAVOR ON A JOB207-10-2014View Details
Progeny307-10-2014View Details
Financial peace207-09-2014View Details
Please pray for Bob and Shari 207-08-2014View Details
Healing507-01-2014View Details
Salvation and return to Christ607-01-2014View Details
miracles406-30-2014View Details
Untitled606-29-2014View Details
Cancer506-29-2014View Details
Husband's appt today306-24-2014View Details
family situations206-23-2014View Details
Finances306-18-2014View Details
Finances206-18-2014View Details
Financial struggle406-16-2014View Details
Healing206-11-2014View Details
A good friend dies way too young306-11-2014View Details
Marriage deliverance606-06-2014View Details
Peace, Joy and a Powerful Testimony306-05-2014View Details
salvation 405-31-2014View Details
Healing in the mind405-27-2014View Details
Our Family405-22-2014View Details
Lori405-19-2014View Details
Marriage and Family605-18-2014View Details
Freedom from smoking1005-17-2014View Details
salvation & marriage restoration405-17-2014View Details
Desire to know Chirst on a personal level305-17-2014View Details
Healing for knee305-15-2014View Details
The Right Job for my wife305-14-2014View Details
Husband Addiction505-14-2014View Details
For my mother605-10-2014View Details
miracles favors305-10-2014View Details
job405-09-2014View Details
Father hear my cry405-06-2014View Details
Prayer Request For World Peace Now105-06-2014View Details
Daughter with back and neck issues704-30-2014View Details
Divorce1404-30-2014View Details
My Brother404-28-2014View Details
Possible Rabies904-28-2014View Details
Help with anxiety 604-27-2014View Details
New marriage/house/health404-26-2014View Details
struck down but not destroyed 604-22-2014View Details
Spiritual Refreshment404-22-2014View Details
Job interview and GODS timing504-22-2014View Details
prodigal son704-17-2014View Details
mothers illness and passing on304-15-2014View Details
Cousin's fostering/adoption fell through.404-14-2014View Details
Back Surgery404-08-2014View Details
Hospital404-07-2014View Details
Father look at YOUR child704-05-2014View Details
protection304-05-2014View Details
critical condition504-04-2014View Details
Craig Sullivan304-03-2014View Details
UTC is under spiritual attack504-02-2014View Details
Both of us are having physical problems.403-31-2014View Details
Brothers Relationship with Christ303-30-2014View Details
Need a new job that god would provide303-30-2014View Details
We need to quit smoking...503-29-2014View Details
My brother403-28-2014View Details
2-year-old with leukemia303-28-2014View Details
arranging the money fo my sister marriage303-28-2014View Details
Need Gods Direction403-26-2014View Details
PT job/financial 503-25-2014View Details
School403-24-2014View Details
Prayer for Humility303-23-2014View Details
help our love one with drug addiction 903-21-2014View Details
Restoration503-20-2014View Details
Dene Whited603-10-2014View Details
Guidance403-05-2014View Details
Local Pastor\603-04-2014View Details
Prayer for soulmate403-02-2014View Details
Strength to Fast502-16-2014View Details
Bible Teacher (me) with Sin Problem1102-15-2014View Details
Identity In Christ502-10-2014View Details
Need a full-time job502-09-2014View Details
URgent please please please pray602-08-2014View Details
Healing/Salvation402-08-2014View Details
Prayer for a friend via our Facebook page402-04-2014View Details
finances/marriage702-02-2014View Details
Desperately Need A Miracle601-28-2014View Details
Salvation/Forgiveness/Peace201-28-2014View Details
urgent need401-27-2014View Details
Lost family member 501-14-2014View Details
Sin801-14-2014View Details
Praise God! Answered prayer! Thank you!401-14-2014View Details
Praise report/favor301-13-2014View Details
Prayer for a Diabetic Child401-11-2014View Details
salvation and deliverance 401-11-2014View Details
Revival in Prison701-07-2014View Details
my son and wife401-03-2014View Details
SIN601-02-2014View Details
Wisdom and Successfulness712-30-2013View Details
Spirit-Led Bible Study612-26-2013View Details
Bob Talbott512-20-2013View Details
deeper understanding of God's purpose612-16-2013View Details
not living the life412-14-2013View Details
Perparing well, with Zeal412-09-2013View Details
Pornography in the marriage712-09-2013View Details
Marriage trouble812-08-2013View Details
Full Recovery from a stroke612-05-2013View Details
Prayer 312-04-2013View Details
I'm still sinking in anxiety1012-01-2013View Details
Needs Prayer411-26-2013View Details
for my wonderful daughters511-22-2013View Details
Father answer my prayers611-18-2013View Details
restoration 711-12-2013View Details
Out of a job911-09-2013View Details
salvation and deliverance of my wife511-09-2013View Details
Love/Relationship410-29-2013View Details
hurting dad1210-28-2013View Details
123510-24-2013View Details
new job710-23-2013View Details
Job310-23-2013View Details
Love410-23-2013View Details
Rajeev Marriage910-23-2013View Details
Marriage wife's health 1810-22-2013View Details
Needs Prayer610-21-2013View Details
prayer410-20-2013View Details
Work410-20-2013View Details
Divine Intervention610-19-2013View Details
Wisdom and Successfulness510-18-2013View Details
Sinking in Anxiety1010-18-2013View Details
Physics class and Graduate School310-13-2013View Details
Surgery910-08-2013View Details
bed rest in pregnancy/ our unborn daughter1010-08-2013View Details
salvation410-07-2013View Details
Teaching Bible Study410-05-2013View Details
swollen gland509-16-2013View Details
Brother's illness409-11-2013View Details
save my wife909-09-2013View Details
Sexual Sin, Hopeless Night2309-09-2013View Details
Health and Home: Dependency on God 709-08-2013View Details
FAMILY BUSINESS509-07-2013View Details
Spiritual Attacks throughout my immediate & extended family.509-05-2013View Details
Jennifer Hope809-03-2013View Details
Looking for Male Roommate desperately!1109-02-2013View Details
Salvation for my Co-workers609-01-2013View Details
Christian Roommate 408-31-2013View Details
New Business608-18-2013View Details
Benton's Health1008-14-2013View Details
Prayer Request508-13-2013View Details
Laura's Salvation708-12-2013View Details
Protection908-12-2013View Details
Need Job808-11-2013View Details
Pain .finances, Heath strength courage808-11-2013View Details
Faith and Peace708-10-2013View Details
my disabilty508-09-2013View Details
family 708-05-2013View Details
sick708-04-2013View Details
Healing508-03-2013View Details
Going Home508-01-2013View Details
My nephew, Kent, and his family.908-01-2013View Details
Marriage 1707-31-2013View Details
Debt and Speeding Tickets707-31-2013View Details
Son907-30-2013View Details
finacial507-30-2013View Details
Healing for Neighbor807-29-2013View Details
Finding the right Church1007-26-2013View Details
Breast Cancer1507-22-2013View Details
Brother's Surgery607-22-2013View Details
Peace at his workplace907-22-2013View Details
1 timothy 5:8807-22-2013View Details
healing607-21-2013View Details
Leaving my family---Update1307-19-2013View Details
Prayers for our family707-17-2013View Details
Need God\707-16-2013View Details
Teenage Post-Modern Thinker1007-15-2013View Details
Sister, sister1307-14-2013View Details
Marriage on the brink1807-14-2013View Details
2rm1L3hLx107-13-2013View Details
2Q1rLV9zQg4t1107-13-2013View Details
Cancer1707-10-2013View Details
Job1407-10-2013View Details
My Dad is dying1707-09-2013View Details
my marriage2307-09-2013View Details
Leaving my family---Matthew 10:34-392307-08-2013View Details
Street Life1407-08-2013View Details
Praying out loud1907-07-2013View Details
The call 1507-04-2013View Details
Untitled407-04-2013View Details
Healing807-03-2013View Details
Son1007-01-2013View Details
Christian husband abandoned family2007-01-2013View Details
Employment & Relocation907-01-2013View Details
marriage1706-28-2013View Details
Salvation healing1006-19-2013View Details
Prayer1306-18-2013View Details
Prayer606-18-2013View Details
Prayer1106-18-2013View Details