The singles ministry at Calvary Chatt is a place for everyone of college age and up to find fellowship with others at a similar place in life.

Our goal is to take back the word fellowship! Fellowship is so much more than grabbing lunch, coffee, or a movie. It’s a group of people sharing the Holy Spirit, driving each other deeper into a relationship with Jesus. That’s what we want to do!

Practically, we want singles at Calvary Chatt to attend weekend services, join a small group, look for opportunities to serve, and seek fellowship with each other at singles events. Events are listed below, but email Pastor Billy Venezia if you need more information!

Singles (18+)

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About Us

Even though we meet just once a month corporately, there are also many opportunities to gather outside the context of a monthly gathering. There are group events that happen monthly as well as a fall retreat that we take every year.

If your desire is to go deeper and get more involved, we highly encourage you to serve in some capacity at the church. Whether that is children’s ministry, greeting, ushering, parking, coffee, media… you get the point, there are lots of opportunities.