How do you describe a church in one word? You invent one!


"discipleship within the context of relationship"

What is rescipleship? It's our own word at Calvary Chapel Chattanooga - but the principle is everywhere in the Bible! Simply put: it's together that we become the people that God created us to be. The early church lived this out in Acts 2:42 when it says they "continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers." In this verse we see four “pillars” that we call the 4 Ws:


There's one string on our guitar. We believe that the best way to know God is through His Word, the Bible. We take great care in teaching verse by verse and in context. Weekends aren’t simply messages as much as they are Bible studies!


There's only One worthy. The Bible teaches that we were made to worship. We spend time together in corporate worship because it’s what we’re created to do! Our prayer is that by experiencing and participating in worship through music, prayer and scripture reading, the Church would grow in devotion, pursue a deeper connection with God, and be open to receive the teaching of His Word.


We go farther together than we ever could apart. “Let us make man in Our image.” We are created in the image of a triune God who exists in community. Therefore we are created for community with others. We see this throughout scripture, from the first church gathering together to Jesus calling out the twelve disciples in what was, practically, the first small group.


We take the hope of the world to a world in need of hope. We believe when we study God’s Word, worship Him, and gather together in community, we are more effective at reaching others! Because of Christ’s love for us, we love others and seek to tell the world about Jesus.

2017 Report

Here's a look back at what God did at Calvary Chapel Chattanooga in 2017.

Our Beliefs

Our mission is “Rescipleship”, and that mission is founded in and guided by our beliefs. At Calvary Chapel Chattanooga, we look to God’s Word, the Bible, to shape who we are and set a course for our church.

Statement of Faith

Meet Our Team

Whether you heard about us online, through a friend, or just wandered in curiously, it is truly an honor to serve you. We are followers of Jesus Christ; not perfect, but sincere! We are making every effort to worship and walk with God in a way that blesses Him and those around us that He so loves.

We hope to help Chattanooga see God's glory and goodness, and we would be honored to point you to Him! If there's anything we can do towards that end, we're in! May God's best and richest blessings be upon you as you seek to find where you fit into His grand plan for your life! -yours by grace, Frank Ramseur

Frank Ramseur

Senior Pastor

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Youth Pastor

Tim Millsaps

Associate Pastor

Marco Pouliot

Worship Leader

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Service Oversight & Pastoral Care

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Executive Pastor

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Communication Director

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Executive Pastor

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calvary KIDS & Premarital Ministry

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Director of Renew Ministries

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