3 Year Bible Reading Plan

We're reading God's word regularly to know Him intimately.

"We're not shooting for every day perfection, we're shooting for patterns of consistency in our time in God's word." - Pastor Frank

Genesis 11-Apr-18
Genesis 22-Apr-18
Genesis 33-Apr-18
Genesis 44-Apr-18
Genesis 55-Apr-18
Genesis 66-Apr-18
Genesis 77-Apr-18
Genesis 88-Apr-18
Genesis 99-Apr-18
Genesis 1010-Apr-18
Genesis 1111-Apr-18
Genesis 1212-Apr-18
Genesis 1313-Apr-18
Genesis 1414-Apr-18
Genesis 1515-Apr-18
Genesis 1616-Apr-18
Genesis 1717-Apr-18
Genesis 1818-Apr-18
Genesis 1919-Apr-18
Genesis 2020-Apr-18
Genesis 2121-Apr-18
Genesis 2222-Apr-18
Genesis 2323-Apr-18
Genesis 2424-Apr-18
Genesis 2525-Apr-18
Genesis 2626-Apr-18
Genesis 2727-Apr-18
Genesis 2828-Apr-18
Genesis 2929-Apr-18
Genesis 3030-Apr-18
Genesis 311-May-18
Genesis 322-May-18
Genesis 333-May-18
Genesis 344-May-18
Genesis 355-May-18
Genesis 366-May-18
Genesis 377-May-18
Genesis 388-May-18
Genesis 399-May-18
Genesis 4010-May-18
Genesis 4111-May-18
Genesis 4212-May-18
Genesis 4313-May-18
Genesis 4414-May-18
Genesis 4515-May-18
Genesis 4616-May-18
Genesis 4717-May-18
Genesis 4818-May-18
Genesis 4919-May-18
Genesis 5020-May-18
Psalm 1-321-May-18
Proverbs 122-May-18
Proverbs 223-May-18
Exodus 124-May-18
Exodus 225-May-18
Exodus 326-May-18
Exodus 427-May-18
Exodus 528-May-18
Exodus 629-May-18
Exodus 730-May-18