3 Year Bible Reading Plan

We're reading God's word regularly to know Him intimately.

"We're not shooting for every day perfection, we're shooting for patterns of consistency in our time in God's word." - Pastor Frank

Exodus 730-May-18
Exodus 831-May-18
Exodus 91-Jun-18
Exodus 102-Jun-18
Exodus 113-Jun-18
Exodus 124-Jun-18
Exodus 135-Jun-18
Exodus 146-Jun-18
Exodus 157-Jun-18
Exodus 168-Jun-18
Exodus 179-Jun-18
Exodus 1810-Jun-18
Exodus 1911-Jun-18
Exodus 2012-Jun-18
Exodus 2113-Jun-18
Exodus 2214-Jun-18
Exodus 2315-Jun-18
Exodus 2416-Jun-18
Exodus 2517-Jun-18
Exodus 2618-Jun-18
Exodus 2719-Jun-18
Exodus 2820-Jun-18
Exodus 2921-Jun-18
Exodus 3022-Jun-18
Exodus 3123-Jun-18
Exodus 3224-Jun-18
Exodus 3325-Jun-18
Exodus 3426-Jun-18
Exodus 3527-Jun-18
Exodus 3628-Jun-18
Exodus 3729-Jun-18
Exodus 3830-Jun-18
Exodus 391-Jul-18
Exodus 402-Jul-18
Psalm 4-63-Jul-18
Proverbs 34-Jul-18
Proverbs 4-55-Jul-18
Matthew 16-Jul-18
Matthew 27-Jul-18
Matthew 38-Jul-18
Matthew 49-Jul-18
Matthew 510-Jul-18
Matthew 611-Jul-18
Matthew 712-Jul-18
Matthew 813-Jul-18
Matthew 914-Jul-18
Matthew 1015-Jul-18
Matthew 1116-Jul-18
Matthew 1217-Jul-18
Matthew 1318-Jul-18
Matthew 1419-Jul-18
Matthew 1520-Jul-18
Matthew 1621-Jul-18
Matthew 1722-Jul-18
Matthew 1823-Jul-18
Matthew 1924-Jul-18
Matthew 2025-Jul-18
Matthew 2126-Jul-18
Matthew 2227-Jul-18
Matthew 2328-Jul-18
Matthew 2429-Jul-18
Matthew 2530-Jul-18
Matthew 2631-Jul-18